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Puffin Watching

Certified Operator     Tour Operator: Elding Adventure at Sea     1 hour     Travel method: Boat     Region: Capital Region

Puffin watching is a fun and easy adventure on a boat. 

Depending on the tides and conditions on the islands our captains will take you to either Akurey or Lundey. The islands are well known for their plentiful birdlife and in addition to puffins you have the opportunity to view other birds such as eider ducks, arctic terns, guillemots and cormorants.The island's shores are rocky but our captains know the best spots to get close to the puffins in their natural habitat. If the weather is right we might even turn off the engines so that you can enjoy the nature better and listen to the bird's calls. 

During the tour the crew will tell you interesting facts and tales about the puffins and the surroundings.

The charismatic puffin has attracted locals and tourists' attention around Iceland for many years. It is most likely their prismatic appearance and curious behaviour that gives rise to all the attention they get. Their most obvious characteristic during the breeding season is the brightly coloured bill which, added to their striking piebald plumage, has given rise to nicknames such as "clown of the ocean" or "sea parrot".

Iceland has the largest Atlantic Puffin colony in the world and close to Reykjavík there are two colonies, the island Akurey with its 12,000 pairs and the island Lundey with its 10,000 pairs of puffins. The first puffins come to shore in April after a long winter on the sea and return in August.

Our puffin watching tours are boat tours where we sail to either Akurey or Lundey. In order not to disturb the puffin's breeding we are not allowed on the island but we get as close as possible. How close we get depends on the tide and wind conditions. Luckily the puffins can stay put for a while so they are fairly easy to photograph.

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Difficulty: Very easy

What is included

  • Use of raincoats 
  • Use of binoculars 
  • Excellent guidance

Important information

  • Tripod for better camera stability (if taking photographs) 
  • A good zoom lens for close up photographs (if taking photographs)


The deck on the boat can be slippery. We recommend wearing good sturdy footwear.
For optimal viewing and a more enjoyable cruise this tour is weather dependent.

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