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Vök Baths - Admission (combo)

Vök Baths is a geothermal destination on the beautiful Lake Urriðavatn in East Iceland. We offer a unique way to experience the age-old Icelandic tradition of bathing in a natural geothermal pool. A perfect place to enjoy your wellness, reconnect with nature by taking a dip, or even swim in Urriðavatn lake around the floating infinity pools.  

Located a few minutes from Egilsstaðir, Vök Baths is an essential stop on any visit to this part of the country.  

Vök Baths harnesses the geothermal power of the region to create a unique bathing experience with amazing views of the rest of the lake and the surrounding area. Fully immerse yourself in Iceland’s unique and untouched landscape and become one with nature at the country’s first series of geothermal floating pools.  An Icelandic hot spring destination like no other, the hot water is so pure,  that it is the only certified drinkable hot spring water in Iceland.

At Vök Baths you will find, floating geothermal pools with infinity view, two on shore hot pools, a sauna, cold water spray tunnel, tea bar, an in-water pool bar, and the on-site restaurant, Vök Bistro.

Compared to the rest of the country, there are relatively few hot springs in East Iceland making Vök Baths an attraction you won’t want to miss!  Enjoy a day of pampering at a scenic location—Vök Baths in Egilsstadir. We recommend pre-booking your admission in advance, especially during the summer.

Vök Baths opened in the summer of 2019. The water at Vök streams from hot springs deep under the lake. Years ago, during the long arctic winters, the locals noticed that the lake ice always melted in the same place. Our name, Vök, is the Icelandic word for these melted ice holes. Today, these hot springs supply all of the hot water for the surrounding area. With Vök, we want to celebrate and respect the pure water of Urriðavatn lake, the surrounding lakeside nature, and the age-old Icelandic bathing traditions.

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What is included

Standard rate includes admission to Vök Baths and a tisane brewed from the spring water & local herbs at the infusion bar.

Meeting point
  • Vök Baths, Vök við Urriðavatn, Egilsstaðir, 701
Important information

Swimsuit and towel. It is also possible to rent a towel and swimming suits at the reception.